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How it Works:

1. Choose one gift from our website (sale price under $50), send us product link (color and size) and shipping address.

2. Please post a product review/description on your blog for our another brand BellaDepot, you may check details below

3. We will prepare your package, once we get the post link, we will ship them as soon as possible.

In the near future, we would like to adjust amount limit according to your post influence and banner performance, and maybe you can choose more than one piece clothing.

Post Requirements we hope in your post:

1. Please note the post is Home Decoration/ Lighting Fixtures related.

2. Please including Two links at least in your post: (Keyword: Bella Depot / BellaDepot / Bella Depot Lighting) (Keyword: Bella Depot Ceiling Fan / Ceiling Fan / Modern Ceiling Fan / Crystal Ceiling Fan) (Keyword: Wall Lights / Wall Sconce / Bella Depot Wall Lights / Bella Depot Wall Sconce) (Keyword: chandelier / chandelier lighting / modern chandelier lights)

I am happy to work with you for a long time. Thank you very much!