Swimsuit Styles 101

Swimsuit styles have come a long way since the days of public Roman baths in tunics or heavy woolen swim dresses in Victorian times. They now come in a huge variety of styles, and even traditional styles like the bikini or tank-style one-piece come in a large number of variations on the style. Below is a brief explanation of several of the styles and names you may come across in your search for the perfect swimsuit:



The bikini is the classic two-piece, navel-bearing suit that has existed in our popular culture for nearly 60 years. The newest trends in the bikini are skimpy, triangle-shaped tops and bottoms with ties. Push-up bra-style tops with hidden underwires and extra shaping are the latest in bikini top style.



thong-bikini1Thong Bikini

Adapted from Amazonian tribal wear, the thong bikini is the most revealing of today’s swimwear styles. It features a bottom that offers full coverage in the front but only a small strip of fabric in the back, very similar to thong-style underwear. While certainly not the most practical for recreational or competitive swimming, the thong bikini is considered to be very sexy and stylish.




The tankini is a new variation on the traditional bikini, popular for three or four years now, that has a longer, tank-style top. The tankini is meant to reveal only a small part of the midriff, but most fashion experts recommend buying a tankini where the top and bottom meet. Continue reading →

Slimming SwimWear Tips

Last time we talked about swimsuits guides for any body shape, here is the short tips for slimming swimwear.

Q: How do I find a swimwear that makes my hips look smaller?

A: In order to draw attention away from your hips, try drawing attention toward a more flattering area of your body. For example, accentuate your great bust or sexy shoulders with a V-neck style bikini top in an exciting pattern. An exciting top will naturally draw eyes away from your hips. You should also consider pairing a lighter, more colorful bikini top with a darker bottom. The darker bottom will result in a natural slimming effect and drawing attention toward your shoulders and bust. The best tip for finding a flattering swimwear bottom is to look for a bottom that sits directly on the hip. Try to avoid a suit that sits too high on the hip, as this type of fit will have a widening effect. Don’t go too extreme, however, and choose a bottom that is cut too low on the leg. This type of cut will have the effect of shortening the legs (never a good feature of an attractive swimwear). Finally, avoid any features that pare down the waistline (such as a dark waistband). These features will have a widening effect of the hips.

Q: How do I avoid bulging out of my cute bikini?

A: Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences in life is buying a cute bikini that you have been dreaming about, thinking about it all winter long, and then debuting it on the beach, only to notice that it cuts into your skin, causing unsightly bulging all over your body. To avoid this horrible scenario, you should first look for a bikini with wider straps. As cute as thin straps are, they do have a tendency to cut into skin, resulting in bulges. You should also pay careful attention to the cut of the bottom. If you are at all self-conscious about your butt or are worried about bulging out of the bottom, a full or rio cut will provide more coverage and look more flattering. You should avoid Brazilian-style bottoms or other bottoms that do not provide the right amount of coverage. Most bikini bulges are a result of the wrong style, not the wrong size.

Swimsuits Shopping Guides to Flatter Any Body Shape

Here is the swimsuits guides to flatter any body shape, check the Q & A below:

Q: Which style is best if I have a small bust?

A: If you want to accentuate and highlight the bust you do have, a hidden underwire is not the only option. In many cases, a connected bikini top or a top with removable breast padding will result in the same supportive, maximizing effect. In addition, bikini tops with triangle or other shaped cups tend to create curves. A tie-front bikini top can be tightened to create subtle cleavage, as well. You will want to avoid bandeau-style bikini tops, adjustable bikini tops (any top where the cups are not connected) or tube-style swimsuits, as these styles tend to diminish curves.

Q: Which style will enhance curves if I have a boy shape?

A: To accentuate curves in a boy shape, look for a swimsuit with a high cut leg and a low, curve-enhancing neckline. Try to find a suit that gathers around the neckline; these gathers will make a boy shape seem much curvier. You will want to avoid dark-colored, tank-style swimsuits that draw attention away from the shape of your body.

Q: Which style of suit will provide the support I need for large busts, but still look fun and attractive?

A: A hidden underwire is best for providing bra-style support, but it will also maximize the appearance of your breasts. If you would like to stay away from the obvious look of an underwire, there are several other options that will offer similar support. A halter top, with its thick straps, will lift and support the weight of your breasts for a flattering look. If you would like to minimize the appearance of your breasts, a bandeau-style top, an adjustable top, or a top with wide-set straps will separate your breasts and make them appear smaller. Try to avoid connected triangle tops that do not offer the right amount of support or coverage.

Q: How do I find a flattering suit in a plus size?

A: If you have a lot of curves and you want to show them off, look for a fitted, waist-defining swimsuit that will accentuate your hour-glass figure. Try a swimsuit with a high percentage of Lycra or spandex that will provide enough stretch to smooth out any bulges. Also, choose a swimsuit with a high cut leg to accentuate the natural curves of your hips. Our suggestion for plus sizes is a long tankini top in a bright color paired with a more subdued bottom with a high cut leg.

Q: What style of suit will conceal and flatter my pear shape?

A: As always, no matter what your particular body shape may be, the key to a flattering swimsuit is accentuating your positive characteristics in order to draw attention away from less desirable characteristics. For women with pear shapes, the best swimsuit is one with an eye-catching top in a pattern or bright color and a bottom in a darker color that draws attention away from hips and thighs. To accentuate the bust and upper body, try pairing a halter-style bikini or tankini top with a dark bottom with high cut legs.

Q: How do I find a swimsuit that will lengthen my short torso?

A: Women with short torsos can often appear stocky in the wrong type of swimsuit. To lengthen the torso and give the impression of length and litheness, try a bikini with a halter-style top to draw attention to the bust and shoulders. You will want to pair this top with a bikini bottom that sits low on the hips to expose as much skin as possible in the torso. Conversely, if you want to de-emphasize a long torso, try a suit with a high-cut leg. Bottoms with high-cut legs tend to lengthen the legs while bottoms that sit lower on the hips tend to lengthen the torso.

Q: How do I make my big thighs appear less obvious in my swimsuit?

A: To conceal or flatter big thighs, try choosing a swimsuit with a light-colored, attention-grabbing top and a dark-colored, more demure bottom. Extra detail and light color in the top will draw eyes up and away from your thighs. In addition, always choose a bottom with high-cut legs. The high cut will lengthen the appearance of your legs and stop the swimsuit from cutting across an unflattering part of your body.

6 Necessary Accessories for your Swimsuit

Love your cute, flattering swimsuit and ready to head to the beach, but what should your wear with my swimsuit?

To make a true splash at the beach or at a backyard barbecue, choosing the right swimsuit is only half the fun. Fun accessories can highlight and flatter a sexy swimsuit, just as earrings and a necklace highlight an elegant ball gown. Some accessories is neccessary for swimsuit, here is a quick guide to the latest trends in summer’s hottest swimsuit accessories:

sandalsSandals: A nice, fun pair of flip-flops is the classic beach accessory. They look cute and they protect your feet from all types of beach or poolside mishaps. As functional as these classic shoes are, however, they hardly need to be boring. The summer has unleashed fun, new designs in flip-flops that are guaranteed to make your sexy new swimsuit or bikini all that much cuter. Try anything from bedazzled to jeweled to mini-heeled flip flops to place your own style stamp on this classic accessory.


hatHats: Cute hats are in this year. Not only will a fun hat bring a bit of style to your sexy swimsuit, it will also offer unbeatable sun protection without the greasiness of sunscreen. Whether you choose a sexy cowboy hat, a sporty visor, or a preppy bucket, be sure to indulge in some fun sun protection while out on the beach or pool deck.


sarongsSarongs: A striped sarong can add an exotic element to any swimsuit style. Not only does this classic accessory beautify your swimming attire, it also serves to cover hips and thighs that you may still be somewhat self-conscious about. For a fun, sexy sarong style, fold your sarong in half, wrap it around your waist or hips, and make a tiny knot.


tunicTunics: Tunics are the hottest cover-up of the 2006 season. You can find nearly any style of tunic this season, from fancy embroidered or crocheted tunics to more inexpensive and casual cotton styles. Feel free to indulge in the days of Roman public baths with a fun, fashionable tunic over your new swimsuit.



strawbagsColorful straw bags: So long as you have to carry the necessary accessories of womanhood with you, you may as well do it with style, right? We say most definitely! Cute straw bags in all variations of bright colors are in this season. Be sure to find one of these fun, functional accessories to accompany you on your beach or pool outing.



sunglassesSunglasses: Like sandals, sunglasses are one of the most popular and classic swimsuit accessories. Like many of the other fashionable accessories this season, sunglasses are both stylish and functional. Sunglasses offer excellent UV protection and a star-quality style that cannot be denied. They come in enough styles and varieties to fit any facial structure and include the newly popular aviators and the classically stylish tortoise shells.

Swimsuit Fabric 101

How do we choose between swimsuit fabrics to find the best fit and feel for me?

Swimsuits have come a long way since the early days of heavy woolen dresses. They now come in a variety of fabric types, including cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex. Here is a brief guide to the durability and drawbacks of each of these fabrics:

Cotton: 100% cotton suits are extremely cute but rarely form fitting. They have a tendency to ride up and bunch, and they are not known for withstanding the destructive nature of chlorine. While cotton swimsuits are not terribly common in the swimwear market, some manufacturers may add a small amount of polyester or spandex to a cotton blend for a more elastic, durable product. However, a cotton swimsuit will never hold up or give you the form-fitting feel of other swimsuit materials. Continue reading →

2016 Swimsuit Fashions

2016 Swimsuit Fashions by DevilPlus

“Summer is coming” and it’s the time to enjoy the beach and show your body shape. you may ask, what colors and styles are in fashion for the 2016 season?

If you are looking to be in vogue this summer and are more interested in the style than the functionality of your swimsuit, then here are a few of the summer’s latest trends:

One-piece cutouts: The fashion runways have been overtaken this year with models sporting sexy one-piece swimsuits with strategically placed cutouts from the nation’s top designers. It seems every designer from Gucci to Rosa Cha has created one of these new, sexy suits. Cutouts range from revealing center splits to missing sides, as well as everything in between. Sexy and revealing as these new swimsuits are, however, every strap is designed to stay precisely where it should. You can check One-Piece Swimsuits at DevilPlus here.

Sporty, fun details: Details are all the rage on this summer’s new bikinis. You can find bikini bottoms with fun belts or ties, as well as bikini tops with all kinds of buckles, ties, and gathers. Have fun and indulge your personal style this year with summer’s wide variety of swimsuit details.

Swim skirts: Remember the days of childhood when you loved your little girl swimsuit with the ruffled skirt attached? If you ever think back on those days with fondness and a little envy, you can now gain a little of your childhood back with the new line of swim skirts for summer 2016. These cute skirts come in every variety, from ruffled to A-line, and are designed to both flatter and conceal your hips and butt. Could summer 2016 be a flashback to the 80s? We hope so.

Bright, fun colors: This year’s swimsuits are coming in every color and variety, but it seems that bright, confident colors are more in vogue than ever. Have some fun this year and display your beautiful body in a bright blue, pink, or green suit. And, if you cannot decide between the great selections of bright colors, purchase a couple of swimsuits and update your look each time you visit the pool or beach.

The History of the Bikini

The modern history of the bikini begins in 1946 when the first bikini-style swimsuit was revealed in France to a shocked and titillated crowd. During the summer of 1946, today’s very popular two-piece swimsuit was simultaneously created and named by two French fashion designers. While both designers produced a similar product, it would be Louis Reard’s invention (christened the “bikini” after the famed Bikini Reef) that would become the world’s official smallest bathing suit. At its debut, the bikini produced quite a stir in both France and the larger world. Because it was so much more revealing than its swimsuit predecessors, Reard was unable to find a French model who was willing to showcase the swimsuit. Out of desperation, he was forced to hire Micheline Bernardini, a Parisian woman with a history of nude dancing.

Many Americans were shocked by the skimpy attire French women were parading around in and believed the bikini would never gain popularity in the more conservative United States. The bikini, with its bare midriff and back, was seen as simply too scandalous for American women. While the new swimsuit style would enter American boutiques and markets only one year after its invention, it was only moderately popular. The social climate of post-war America was not quite ready for such revealing attire.

As a matter of fact, several women were arrested for donning bikinis on public beaches during the late 1940s and 1950s!

While it would take several years to gain widespread popularity (due to its scandalous nature), the freedom of expression and flexibility of style the bikini offered would soon make it a true icon of American fashion.

Throughout the nearly sixty years since its debut, the bikini has gone through several transformations. The original bikinis of the 1940s and 1950s were generally fairly modest, with high-cut bottoms that covered the navel. Very little of the midriff and back was revealed, especially compared to today’s low-rise, rio-cut bikinis. Continue reading →

Overall coverage provide the best and most flattering fit in a swimsuit?

Will overall coverage provide the best and most flattering fit in a swimsuit?

The answer to this question is no, not necessarily so. You will definitely want to have adequate coverage in whatever swimsuit style you choose, but there reaches a point when a swimsuit can have too much coverage. After all, we do not want to regress back to the days of heavy woolen swim dresses. Just imagine the smell and the weight! Concerning fit and coverage, here are the top three swimsuit tips:

Never go with a bikini or tankini top that does not provide enough support for your bust. Sagging, unsupported breasts are simply unnecessary in the days of halter tops and bandeau tops. You can definitely find a top in one of these styles that is sexy and revealing, yet still adequately supportive.
Never wear bikini bottoms that are too small. Tight fabric and thin straps will only result in bulging, an occurrence that is never attractive. If you are starting to bulge, be honest with yourself and go up a size or switch styles.
Never choose a suit that covers too much. Swaddling yourself in layers of fabric only makes you look bigger. Feel free to be sexy and fun with a low-cut neck and a high-cut leg in your swimsuit. These features alone will shave off 10 pounds.
If you keep these tips in mind when shopping for a swimsuit, you should be able to find a suit with the most attractive, sexiest fit for you.

How to Wash Swimsuit

How to wash swimsuit and how do we take care of my suit to make it last as long as possible?

Swimsuits are difficult pieces of fabric. They must be designed to stay in place when swimming but maintain a level of comfort on the body. They must also be designed to withstand constant dippings in chlorinated water (somewhat akin to soaking a suit in bleach every day). No swimsuit can hold up forever under the conditions of chlorinated water, but there are certain things you can do to make sure your swimsuit lasts as long as it remains fashionable. First of all, you should always rinse out your suit in cold water after each use. This practice will remove much of the chlorine from your swimsuit before it has a chance to do any permanent damage. When washing you swimsuit, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the particular fabric, but avoid the dryer. Try to dry your swimsuit flat, just as you would any other delicate garment. The dryer has a tendency to give swimsuits a frayed, faded appearance over time. Also, if you snag your suit on the wood of a lounge chair or the concrete siding of a swimming pool (as is bound to happen), be sure to apply a bit of clear nail polish to the snag as soon as possible. Nail polish will stop the snag from spreading any farther and help to ensure that your favorite suit lasts throughout the summer season.

The Right Lingerie

So many pieces and so many styles…what’s a girl to choose? In the world of lingerie you may feel like to need to speak a second language just to know which garment the salesperson is recommending. Here is a basic guide to ensure you not only know what you need but now you can walk into a lingerie store and purchase it with authority.

  • For tank tops or halter tops go for a strapless bra or a convertible bra. If you have a smaller bust line you may be able to get away with no bra at all. In these instances get adhesive nipple covers to ensure no embarrassing moments occur if you find yourself in a colder environment than expected.
  • For tops that have a very deep neckline, go for a bra that offers support lower on the breast. Good options for this would be a balconet or demi cup bra.
  • For tight fitting tops, opt for a seamless bra.
  • For spaghetti strap tops and dresses, go for a strapless bra or a bra or camisole with matching strap colors. There are also bras with clear straps that offer support while remaining invisible. Smaller chested women may be able to go braless and use just nipple covers.
  • For bottoms that are snug, a thong or laser cut brief will prevent panty lines. Additionally, look for panties that are seamless.
  • For bottoms that sit below the waist line, a low rise panty is optimal. Almost every style of panty comes in a low rise version, so don’t worry if you have a favorite fit…you can still enjoy it without showing the world what you are wearing.
  • For dresses that are clingy, silk is the best choice for fabric.
  • For sheer or white colored outfits, flesh-colored undergarments are best. Even white undergarments can show through.
  • For a nude look with pantyhose, ultra sheer fabric in a color close to your flesh tone will do the trick. Remember if you are wearing pantyhose with open toed shoes, do not use the reinforced toe. Instead buy the sandlefoot hose.
  • For more control consider the support of Spanx or other shapeware. What you choose will depend on what your control goals are.

Continue reading →